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Do you enjoy working with many different fabrics? Perfect! With Silk-Finish Cotton 60wt you are buying the right sewing thread for a great variety of projects. Whether it’s batiste, tulle, cotton, linen or terry - our sewing thread made of high-quality cotton masters them all.

The thread impresses with the highest quality: 100% long-staple, Egyptian cotton meets a wonderfully supple and silk-like feel. Our special dyeing technology also ensures that you can enjoy the particularly colorfast sewing thread on your projects for years to come.

Whether for quilting or matt embroidery: The versatile sewing thread Silk-Finish Cotton 60wt masters fine and voluminous embroidery motifs as well as decorative seams with ease. Since the sewing thread is also available in large spools, it is also ideal for longarm quilting.

100% Cotton, 60 Strength, 60wt 2ply

Needle size: Nm 65-70